Lexonik is a fast, focused and fun program, enjoyable for all ages and all mainstream abilities. It stretches everyone, allowing them to achieve success at a higher level than they are currently achieving. The teaching sessions are very intensive and highly effective, and for this reason must be delivered by experienced, trained teachers or paraprofessionals. In addition, Lexonik offers online resources which support mainstream teaching.

I’m a New York cynic, but I’ve got to tell you, I’ve done my testing and this works. These students made significant progress.

Dr. Randy Stafford, Director of Student Services, Walton County School District

Lexonik Advance is achieving way beyond what I ever thought possible. I had faith, but results are simply incredible. These are not confident kids; they have had every intervention going, but this is a life changer.

Steve Ruder, Principal, Walton County School District
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Lexonik is based around the following five key concepts:

  • Setting high expectations – build self-confidence and aim high;
  • Phonological awareness – awareness and manipulation of the sound structure held within speech;
  • Vocabulary – developing root-word knowledge and an understanding of how prefixes and suffixes alter meaning;
  • Meta-cognition – the awareness and understanding of how you think;
  • Automation– direct teaching, repetition and speed is key if students are to master their own learning.