What is Lexonik Leap?

Lexonik Leap is designed as an accessible and flexible series of activities to help both first language learners for whom literacy is very challenging, and English language learners (ELL) who need to quickly acquire literacy and oracy skills.

Improves student outcomes by:

  • Rapid progress through personalized learning pathway
  • Developing initial English reading and spelling
  • Enhancing spoken language acquisition

Delivery method:

  • Diagnostic assessment to determine entry point
  • 1:1 or small group
  • Flexible structure involving activities lasting 10-30 minutes

Why it works:

  • Engaging and fun for learners
  • Secures phonological awareness
  • Consolidates prior learning across the program
  • Incorporates spaced learning and retrieval practices
  • Develops automaticity through repetition and speed of delivery

Effective phonics instruction for all learners at any age.

What we provide

  • 1 day of intensive staff training
  • Fully resourced program
  • Diagnostic assessment

What we Cover

  • Phoneme to grapheme correspondence
  • Word building
  • HFW
  • Vowel digraphs
  • Prefix knowledge

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