What is Lexonik Vocabulary?

Lexonik Vocabulary is designed to rapidly improve literacy, developing vocabulary, academic language and comprehension skills. This whole class resource supports subject teaching of vocabulary across the curriculum, allowing schools to implement a school wide approach to the teaching of literacy.
Words are broken down at the syllable level, to aid reading accuracy, reading fluency and spelling. The subject specific definition is provided but crucially it also identifies the prefix, stem and suffix and the meanings of each part. This morphemic analysis of words allows vocabulary to be explicitly taught and promotes, or provides opportunity for, cross curricular learning.

Improves student outcomes by:

  • Developing academic vocabulary
  • Supporting comprehension via the morphemic analysis of vocabulary
  • Boosting reading accuracy and spelling
  • Empowering and enhancing teaching effectiveness

Why it works:

  • Intuitive design ensures it can be integrated into existing teaching practices
  • Consolidates prior learning across the program
  • Incorporates spaced learning and retrieval practices
  • Develops automaticity through phased repetition
  • Applicable across elementary, middle and high school

Purchase options available:

  • School wide subscription with unlimited accounts (annual subscription)
  • Individual user account (annual subscription)

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