Project Description

Dyslexia – Free webinar

Webinar Description

This webinar provides both theoretical and practical approaches necessary to support the literacy teaching of students with dyslexia.

You will receive expert, professional training with immediate classroom impact.

What it covers:

  • Understanding general characteristics of dyslexia and dispelling common myths
  • Importance of phonological awareness
  • Developing memory and retrieval; building vocabulary and providing effective support

Webinar Content

  • Lexonik dyslexia Training: Introduction

  • Introduction To dyslexia – What are the common beliefs about dyslexia?

  • Lexonik dyslexia Training: Research into dyslexia

  • Lexonik dyslexia Training: What does a student with dyslexia look like?

  • Lexonik dyslexia Training: How do we improve our support for all learners?

  • Lexonik dyslexia Training: Supporting a Dyslexic student with spelling.

  • Lexonik dyslexia Training: Developing Vocabulary

Available Dates

  • TBD

We will be adding more dates soon! In the meantime, please drop a line at [email protected]