Project Description

Panhandle Area Educational Consortium (PAEC), Florida

School Profile

The educational consortium PAEC encompasses 9 school districts in the Panhandle area of Florida.


Lexonik is used in 10 schools across 4 PAEC member districts: Washington, Bay, Jackson and Walton, comprising of 6 elementary schools, 3 middle schools and 1 high school.
The partnership with PAEC has allowed Lexonik to form a detailed understanding of the needs of Floridian schools.


Lexonik and Lexonik Leap were recognized by PAEC leaders as both a valuable element in the professional development of staff tasked with
addressing the deficit in reading and vocabulary of students in the area, as well as highly effective literacy programs for direct instruction to students. The PAEC center hosted the first Lexonik training event in September 2017, where a total of 14 staff members were trained in Lexonik from 8 schools in the area.


Each school within the PAEC area developed their own school level implementation plans to address the needs of their particular students.
Both Lexonik and Lexonik Leap were used with the identified student groups.


Within the initial 12 month period, 362 students benefited from Lexonik and the average reading age gain was 33 months. 2 principals, who moved to new schools in September 2018, chose to have staff in their new schools trained in Lexonik and Leap after seeing the impact in the original cohorts.
Lexonik is now in the 3rd licence year with schools in these districts the average reading age gain continues to be 33 months from just 6 hours of direct instruction.


There are now a total of 25 members of staff trained and delivering Lexonik across the PAEC area. Those staff members are a mixture teachers, title 1 tutors and paraprofessionals.
Lexonik Leap has also proven to be successful in the PAEC area. Walton County School Services have found the Leap program to be particularly useful in addressing students’ deficit in phonics knowledge and basic English language skills and now use the program in every elementary school in the district. Lexonik has partnered with WCSS to upskill their experienced Leap trained staff to cascade this training across their county workforce.

Staff Feedback

This program is phenomenal, exactly what our school needs.

Tracey Sirmans, Rosenwald High School

Absolutely Recommend!! This would help any teacher bring a more in depth knowledge of language to all students to be applied in all subject areas.
There is a plethora of skill building of academic vocabulary!

Kimberly Jarrard, Surfside Middle School