Advancing literacy achievements for all K-12 students! Significantly improving life-outcomes and graduation rates! Reading age gains of 27 months in just 6 weekly one-hour sessions!
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Lexonik Products

The gateway to improving literacy in every classroom this extensive vocabulary library supports educators in their vocabulary and comprehension instruction

Lexonik Vocabulary >

Accessible & flexible activities to help both first language learners and English language learners (ELL) who need to quickly acquire literacy and oracy skills

Lexonik Leap >

Professional development courses providing powerful insight and strategies to maximize learning for all through explicit literacy & vocabulary instruction

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Even the most reluctant learners enjoy participating in Lexonik! The hands on, face to face training and individual teacher sessions, along with follow up sessions through conference calls and videos provide you with everything your school will need to implement this amazing program. You could not ask for a more willing, motivated and enthusiastic group of individuals to support your school based facilitators and students. The results are incredible!

Marie Laurino, School Counselor, Walton Academy, Florida

A colleague was analyzing data and called to say –” you gotta see this!!”

We are SO excited – many of these kids have NEVER made benchmark and now have – and some!

Reading is like lifting weights, if you can’t do it, you can’t do it. We know they have made this progress.

We have just added more tools to their toolbox.

Our District results have surpassed anything we have ever achieved – this is amazing for our students and school.

We are celebrating right through school and discussing how to have maximum numbers through Lexonik next year.

Michael Archambault, Assistant Principal, Noble High School, Maine USA

I’m a New York cynic, but I’ve got to tell you, I’ve done my testing and this works. These students made significant progress.

Dr. Randy Stafford, Director of Student Services, Walton County School District

Lexonik Advance is achieving way beyond what I ever thought possible. I had faith, but results are simply incredible. These are not confident kids; they have had every intervention going, but this is a life changer.

Steve Ruder, Principal,, Walton County School District

If I had known what you have just taught me today I would feel so much more confident with the English Language.

Chamiyya, Student, Walton County, Florida


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