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Lexonik empowers schools, educators, students, and families through proven, comprehensive literacy intervention and reading development programs.

Our teacher-designed approach uses validated strategies and techniques to help students advance their reading ages by an average of 27 months in just six weeks.

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What Are Lexonik’s Products and Programs?

Lexonik uses a unique approach of morphemic analysis across its products and programs to effectively reach struggling learners and empower educators. We have a litany of literacy interventions and products that can make an impact in your school or district:

  • Lexonik Advance – our flagship intervention offering 27 months average reading age gain
  • Lexonik Leap – our phonics intervention perfect for struggling learners or ELL student
  • Lexonik Develop – our PD package with a focus on upskilling educators
  • Lexonik Vocabulary – a mighty morphemic machine to improve whole-school literacy

You can purchase one or any combination of our offerings to set your learners on the path of outstanding literacy growth.

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infographic of Eydie Tricquet - superintendent of Jefferson County schools, FL. "Lexonik Develop helps every adult improve the literacy of all students..not just any program, but a program that works".
"Lexonik Develop helps every adult improve the literacy of all students...not just any program, but a program that works" Superintendent Triquet, Jefferson County Schools, Florida

The Lexonik Approach

Our research-based approach to literacy learning has evolved over the years, but our commitment to supporting students and fostering a love of reading has never wavered.

Here's what you get when you partner with Lexonik:

  • A whole-school solution Our resources and programs are designed for school-wide use, across all subjects and curriculums
  • Comprehensive skill development We develop well-rounded readers through phonological awareness, automaticity, fluency, morphemic analysis and metacognition
  • Proven tools and resources We work at the forefront of educational research to continuously improve and refine our science-based teaching methods
  • Empowered staff We provide the training, tools and resources your staff needs to confidently and effectively teach vital, life-long literacy and reading skills
  • Family engagement Our programs support and encourage cooperation among schools and families, bridging the learning gap between classrooms and homes
  • Confident, engaged students We connect with learners through age-appropriate, fun and challenging activities that get them excited about reading

Why Lexonik?

Trusted by teachers, applauded by assessors, life-changing for students.

schools already trust Lexonik worldwide as their literacy intervention provider
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