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Lexonik Advance

Utilized by hundreds of educators to help thousands of students achieve average of 27 months reading age gains in just 6 weeks. Introducing Lexonik Advance, a trusted, expertly crafted program that’s used globally.

Lexonik Advance is designed to rapidly improve reading, spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension. Lexonik Advance delivers verifiable average reading age gains of 27+ months in just six one-hour sessions, as verified by an independent impact study through Northumbria University and The National Literacy Trust.

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What is Lexonik Advance?

A unique, research-based intervention program leveraging metacognition, repetition, decoding, and automaticity to significantly improve reading and literacy skills. Lexonik Advance helps learners develop phonological awareness and identify links between unknown words using common prefix, stem, and suffix definitions. 

Delivered by your staff in six one-hour sessions, Lexonik Advance prioritizes personalized, focused attention through 1:4 teaching ratios. Our innovative program works for ALL learners, regardless of age or ability.   With average reading age gains of 27+ months in just six one-hour sessions — verified by an independent study by Northumbria University, The National Literacy Trust, and the progress scores from over 95,000 data sets — no other program makes such an impact in such a short amount of time.

What’s included in the Lexonik Advance program?

With Lexonik Advance we provide:

  • Two days of in-house or remote staff training 
  • Nationally standardized assessments (pre and post testing) 
  • Comprehensive delivery instructions and all teaching materials 
  • Access to online teaching support 
  • Ongoing support from a dedicated account manager and regional trainer 

Talk to us about Lexonik Advance

“Even the most reluctant learners enjoy participating in Lexonik! The hands-on, face-to-face training and individual teacher sessions, along with follow-up sessions through conference calls and videos, provide you with everything your school will need to implement this amazing program.”
Marie Laurino, School Counselor, Walton Academy, Walton Academy (FL)