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Lexonik Leap

Lexonik Leap uses a research-based approach to effectively resolve phonics gaps for learners struggling to develop their reading and literacy skills. Especially effective for ELL students, our program rapidly improves reading, spelling, and oracy.   

Lexonik Leap takes into account individual levels of need, as discovered through an initial diagnostic assessment, allowing for individualized learning pathways. The program can be delivered 1:1, but ideally, it should be used in small group settings. 

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What is Lexonik Leap?

Lexonik Leap is a phonics intervention that effectively resolves phonics gaps for learners who find literacy particularly challenging and those for whom English is not their first language, rapidly progressing reading, spelling and oracy.

Based on an initial diagnostic assessment, the program can be adapted to allow for an individualized learning pathway, meaning the duration of the program is dictated by the level of need. Because of this, it's perfect for older or English as an additional language (EAL) learners, as well as young learners.

Lexonik Leap as a literacy program can be delivered 1:1 but is best as a small group intervention.

Ideal for learners with a standardized score of less than 85 or the ELL learner.

What’s included in Lexonik Leap

With Lexonik Leap we provide:

  • One day of in-house or remote staff training  
  • Diagnostic assessment tools
  • Comprehensive delivery of instructions and all teaching materials 
  • Access to the cloud-based Lexonik Leap Vocabulary toolkit
  • Access to online teaching support 
  • Ongoing support from a dedicated account manager and regional trainer

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“Even the most reluctant learners enjoy participating in Lexonik! The hands-on, face-to-face training and individual teacher sessions, along with follow-up sessions through conference calls and videos, provide you with everything your school will need to implement this amazing program.”
Marie Laurino, School Counselor, Walton Academy, Walton Academy (FL)