Independent Impact Evaluation Studies

At Lexonik we are always eager to test the validity of our intervention programs. That is why we commission Impact Evaluation Studies to make sure our literacy programs are verified. You can see for yourself by downloading the studies below.

Infographic of the National Literacy Trust logo.

National Literacy Trust Study

From 2021 to 2022 the National Literacy Trust conducted an Impact Evaluation Study into Lexonik Advance.

This report presents the findings of this evaluation, focusing on changes in students’ reading attainment alongside changes in school staff’s teaching and classroom practice. Student data was collected using a decoding subtest of a standardized test called the Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT5), which provided standardized scores and reading age on students’ decoding before and after taking part in the program.

Download the Summary Report (PDF)

Download the Full Report (PDF)

Northumbria University, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Northumbria University Study

In 2015 Northumbria University conducted an independent review of progress data relating to our intervention program Sound Training, now known as Lexonik Advance.

All data scrutinized was collected during the Spring, Summer, and Autumn Terms of 2014. Student data, from a range of schools, was analyzed to look for trends and patterns according to their year group and chronological age.

The average gain across all cohorts, as measured by reading age, was 27 months.

Download the Summary Report (PDF)

Download the Full Report (PDF)