Case Study

El Campo Independent School District (TX)

Infographic of the El Campo ISD case study.

A school district in Texas, an hour south-west of Houston comprising of Elementary, Middle and High schools (K-12)


El Campo Independent School District (ECISD) is a group of schools in an economically deprived area of Wharton County with the majority of students having a significant deficit in both reading and vocabulary skills.


ECISD originally chose to use Lexonik with the primary aim of improving their STAR Assessment results although the impact has been seen much more widely than anticipated.

The initial focus was to target the students across all settings that had significant gaps in their phonics knowledge, many being ELL students. This meant that students first followed the Lexonik Leap program before progressing to the Lexonik program for further accelerated progress.


Each school in the district, guided by their initial assessment standardized score, prioritized students with the most significant needs. Approximately 150 students were enrolled in Lexonik during the first year of delivery.


Across all ECISD sites the reading age gains ranged between 15-72 months.

“We thought these results were amazing, especially considering 34% of students were below the recommended baseline entry level.”

Within this original cohort of 150 students, 20 were part of a test group who received 30 minutes intense delivery of Lexonik Leap per day over 6 weeks. The reading age gains for these ELL students was an impressive 14 months on average.

“We are now in our 2nd year of implementing Lexonik in the district and the results have been incredible.” 


El Campo Middle School have reported 31 months average reading age gains from their students.

“We have seen great success with the Lexonik program on our campus. Students enjoy the swift pace of the program, along with the opportunity for self-competitiveness. In our first year of implementing the program, 74% of our fifth grade students participating in the program showed expected or exceeded growth on their state reading assessment. We are in our second year of the program, and look forward to continuous gains!”

NaShay Little, ELAR/SS Instructional Coach, Northside Elementary, ECISD

Staff Feedback

“[Lexonik training] opens your eyes to a new way of helping students with reading”

“I believe that ALL students benefit from this program”

Next Steps

As of spring 2019 the district has a total of nine staff trained in Lexonik and ten in Lexonik Leap, with staff from the High School being trained most recently. This means that the intervention programs are being implemented at every setting in their district, Elementary, Middle and High school. To date 320 students have been enrolled or completed the Lexonik program.

Future plans are for the district to continue to utilize Lexonik and Lexonik Leap programs to address the reading and vocabulary deficit. We anticipate many more success stories.

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“I was very impressed with the incredible numbers their students were showing just in reading and comprehension improvement. This made me want to provide this ‘edge’ to the students in the El Campo ISD schools... I am NOT disappointed... The teachers, students and parents are all still talking about the difference those few short hours of instruction made in their academic lives. That is what we like to call the proof in the pudding!”

Carolyn Gibson, Executive Director, City Development Corporation of El Campo, El Campo Independent School District (TX)